Jacking Filter



The top in filter is a single bag filter with very good structure and performance. The fluid enters the filter from the side through the filter top cover. Its top cover adopts fine castings with high strength and long service life.

• simple structure, double step design for the lower ring of the casting;

• very good sealing effect, suitable for high-precision filtration;

• it is easy to operate and can lift the cover;

• perfect fit with bag filter element;

• few welds for internal cleaning;

• elbow jacking type can achieve food grade and pharmaceutical grade filtration, and can achieve no dead corner polishing. The top cover of the flat cover filter is cut by laser, which is economical and beautiful. Beyond the standard caliber, it can be customized according to user requirements.

• the flat cover can be made into a lift cover structure, and the four ear seats can be replaced arbitrarily;

• flat cover structure for easy polishing;

• single and double steps are available;

• the top cover is designed with separate exhaust port and pressure gauge port.


Jacking filter

Specifications and dimensions: 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, 5 #; Barrel diameter: 114m, 219M;

Opening direction: opening the cover from the inlet to the opposite side and from the opposite side to the inlet;

Pressing mode: top cover pressing;

Main material: stainless steel 304, 316L;

Design pressure: 1.0MPa;

Main material: stainless steel 304, 316L;

Surface treatment: glass bead spraying, stainless steel shot spraying, mechanical polishing, etc.

Bag filter accessories

Basket function: the filter bag is used in the basket to support the filter bag; The net basket can also be covered with wire mesh or mat type net, or the net basket can be turned into a precision filter basket through other ways to directly play the role of filtration;

Support frame function: the support frame is placed inside the filter bag to facilitate the installation of the filter bag and prevent the filter bag from swinging or being recoiled in the filter;

Function of magnetic rod rack: it is placed in the filter bag for the installation and use of magnetic rod, and also plays the role of fixing the filter bag;

filter element

Meltblown filter

Meet food grade requirements. The fiber cloth is sparse outside and dense inside, so that the melt blown filter element has the characteristics of deep filtration and strong pollution holding capacity, high filtration efficiency and long service life.

Folding filter element

The folded filter element has the advantages of large area, large flux and large pollutant carrying capacity. A variety of membranes can be selected, which are suitable for different filtration requirements and meet the requirements of industrial grade, food grade and pharmaceutical grade.

Activated carbon filter element

Activated carbon filter element is made of fiber and activated carbon powder. It has the adsorption function of activated carbon and the filtering function of filter element.

Metal filter element

Metal filter element is formed by folding metal filter membrane or sintering metal powder. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, no particles falling, high compressive strength and regeneration. It is suitable for applications with special requirements.

Flat cover filter

Specifications and dimensions: 1 #, 2 #, 3 #, 4 #, 5 #;

Barrel diameter: 114m, 133m, 195m, 219M;

Compression mode: spring compression;

Main material: carbon steel, stainless steel 304, 316L;

Design pressure: 1.0MPa;

Surface treatment: glass bead spraying, stainless steel shot spraying, mechanical polishing, etc.

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