GT200 Metal Pump

Inlet size: 1 “outlet size: 1″ air inlet size: 1/4″maximum outlet pressure: 8.62bar (125psi) maximum particle diameter: 6.4mm (1/4”)

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GT200 Metal Diaphragm Pump Malaysia

Looking for an affordable option to replace your existing metal pump? Look no further than Liquade. We offer full range of diaphragm pumps with ready stocks. Since we are the manufacturer, longer lead time is no longer a hurdle when it comes to your urgent replacement. We offer equivalent pump brands that you can see in the market with most reasonable and affordable price. What’s more, our diaphragm fits most of the reputable diaphragm pumps in the world!


Contact liquid material

316 stainless steel: 22.5kg

Diaphragm material

Teflon mountain road rubber ternary rubber NBR fluorinated rubber neoprene

Maximum flow

Rubber diaphragm: 212lpm

TP diaphragm: 212lpm

Teflon PTFE: 185lpm

Self priming height

Rubber: dry absorption: 5.5m / wet absorption: 9.3M

Thermoplastic compound TP: dry absorption: 4.1m / wet absorption: 9.3m

Teflon PTEF: dry absorption 5.5m / wet absorption 9m


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