GT06 Plastic Pump

Inlet size: 1/4 “outlet size: 1/4” air inlet size: 1/8 “maximum outlet pressure: 8.62bar (125psi) maximum particle diameter 0.4mm (1/64”)




Contact liquid material

Polypropylene: 1.5kg

Polyvinylidene fluoride: 5kg

Diaphragm material

Teflon mountain road rubber ternary rubber NBR fluorinated rubber

Maximum flow

Rubber diaphragm: 18.9lpm

TP diaphragm: 18.1lpm

Teflon PTFE: 18.1lpm

Self priming height

Rubber: dry absorption: 2.9m / wet absorption: 9.5m

Thermoplastic compound: dry absorption: 3.1m / wet absorption: 8.9m

Teflon PTEF: dry absorption 2.5m / wet absorption 8.9m


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